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Welcome to the Nipomo Native Garden

The Nipomo Native Garden is a twelve acre site located between Pomeroy, Camino Caballo and Osage in the community of Nipomo, California. The site is in the final stages of being restored to a native botanical garden which will feature native plant communities endemic to the Nipomo Mesa and dunes complex.

Nipomo Native Garden is a local, community-based federal and state non-profit organization composed of volunteers and members who support this restoration effort.

This web site will provide information about events at the garden, gardening and landscaping with native plants, wildflowers in bloom and photography. The Nipomo Native Garden web site also provides links to California native plant societies, local botanical gardens and native plant wholesale and retail nurseries.

The Nipomo Native Garden, through this web site, encourages feedback, photographs and inquiries about educational and research opportunities for local schools and colleges. We support a dialog about plant communities, their interdependence and associated wildlife. We welcome new members and encourage you to become involved in our efforts to create a place of beauty and tranquility in our community.


   Children's Garden Open House Event
   Saturday May 7th, 11AM - 2:00PM

         Event Brochure

About the Garden

Nipomo Native Garden is a community-based, non-profit organization that has undertaken the restoration to native habitat a twelve acre portion of Nipomo Regional Park.

Mission Statement

The Nipomo Native Garden will provide opportunitites for education, conservation, restoration, research and recreation using plants of the Nipomo Mesa Guadalupe Dunes complex. The plants will be organized in an associative framework to illustrate plant community dynamics demonstrating the unique character and rich biological heritage of the Nipomo Mesa.

For more information

Our quarterly newsletter communicates with the membership; our outreach and informational booth is present at most community events and festivals.

Contact Us

Nipomo Native Garden
PO Box 2477
Nipomo, CA 93444

Cindy Jelinek, President

Charlie Gulyash, Membership Chair

Greg Doudna, Volunteer Coordinator

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